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# Thread - 21.09.2017 at 01:14
1) What is your TM2 Nickname?

3) And you've played TM since?
Played TM sunrise then took a very long break and got back into canyon and valley.

4) How about your real age?

5) Your English skill level?

6) And where are you from?

7) Any previous teams?

8) Reasons you left those teams (if any)?

9) Any skills you'd like to mention (car skins, mapping etc) and might be able to bring in to the team?

10) Do you have favourite servers you like to play on?
SSM VeryShort.2015

11) What are your favourite modes (TA, rounds, modlap, relay, team etc.)?

12) How is your activity in the game (1-5... 5 being as if you lived in the game)?

13) Activity in the forums (1-5... 5 being as if you already gained a nickname "Spammer" elsewhere)?

14) Do you like playing in team tournaments and train for them?
Never tried before love to give it a shot

15) Are you usually free during weekends when the matches are played in the evening?

16) What's your motivation to play for Dore?
I would be cool to drive professionally. Also dore seems like a friendly community.

17) Tell us something about yourself and don't be afraid, it doesn't have to be a novel
I'm Miller, love driving games as well as CS:GO.

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Wannabe Dore

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# Answer: 1 - 21.09.2017 at 01:16
Hey power, welcome on the forums

Now lets wait for Hecker to send you the information you need for the test period


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# Answer: 2 - 21.09.2017 at 16:34
Hi, power

All new members have to go through a trial stage, normally lasting about 2 weeks which allows us to get to know you better then at the end the whole team votes on whether to make you a full member or not.

So if you just keep driving and socializing with the team like you are, then i'm sure we will be welcoming you to the team in no time.

Ill send the trial tag via pm, Good Luck!

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Board -> TM² Canyon -> Recruitment OFF [Invite Only] -> hi im invited BY litle bit of mmm

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