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RIP 25-10-2015
RIP 25-10-2015

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# Thread - 19.04.2013 at 15:20
First of, read the team rules at the bottom of the post so you know what you're getting into.

There comes a time in everyone's life when they think about joining our beloved family. The next step is to do something about it so we gathered a small info package for you

Step No. 1
Check if the recruiting is open! If the board's topic says OFF, then the recruitment is OFF and you will have no chance in Lucifer's kingdom of joining. But all hope is not lost because we have our "Recruit lounge" where you can sit down and ask all the questions you want about becoming a Dore.

Step No. 2
Oh yay the recruiting has opened! What to do now? Well, first of all, if you want to become a Dore, we have to know what you are all about. So in other words, we need an application from you. We don't naturally need your life story, but just a few small things that we get to know you better and so we know how you'd suit to our team.

So here are the questions we need you to answer to. Copy the questions and paste them to your new topic's first post + add answers

Once you've answered the following questions, a recruiter will contact you and either ask you something more or directly start you with the test. If you're chosen for a test, it will last anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on how often we see you and how good of an impression you give to us on and off the track


1) What is your TM2 Nickname?
2) And your TM2 login?
3) And you've played TM since?
4) How about your real age?
5) Your English skill level?
6) And where are you from?


7) Any previous teams?
8) Reasons you left those teams (if any)?
9) Any skills you'd like to mention (car skins, mapping etc) and might be able to bring in to the team?
10) Do you have favourite servers you like to play on?


11) What are your favourite modes (TA, rounds, modlap, relay, team etc.)?
12) How is your activity in the game (1-5... 5 being as if you lived in the game)?
13) Activity in the forums (1-5... 5 being as if you already gained a nickname "Spammer" elsewhere)?
14) Do you like playing in team tournaments and train for them?
15) Are you usually free during weekends when the matches are played in the evening?
16) What's your motivation to play for Dore?


17) Tell us something about yourself and don't be afraid, it doesn't have to be a novel

Welcome and good luck =)


The admins hold the rights to make decisions "outside the rules" in individual cases


1) Although changing your nickname from Santa Claus to anything else can't be controlled by us and you are free to do so as you please within the game, we hope you avoid doing this as long as possible. It creates confusion among other players when they don't know who's driving unless they check the username, which may not help at all.
However, if you do decide to change the name, please avoid changing it back and forth or to something else too often (months+ in between). We don't mind you changing from X to Y, but doing it too often will suck the will to live from others trying to keep up with your names. So do make sure that you really want to change that nickname of yours
2) Be nice to others on and off the track. Don't insult anyone personally and try to treat others like you'd want to be treated yourself. Humor is a good thing, but not all may be familiar with the humor you use with a friend.
3) If the topic is started in language X, please try to keep it that way instead of changing the language. It can be very hard to members who don't know the language to follow the topic if it has 2-3 languages used that the member doesn't speak at all. If you need to use some other language, use the personal messaging system.
4) No double accounts. You're expected to play for Dore and show loyalty. So no 2nd or 3rd accounts playing in team X and playing for them as well in the same tournament. We've had a couple of cases like these in the past and it's strictly forbidden.
5) Also even if you're using just one account, no double teaming. We don't support team mixing so if we don't get a team to a tournament (extremely rare), you can not play for another team just because of that.
6) If you're going away for a longer time (5+ days) on a vacation, work trip or for whatever reason... let us know. This way we can prevent the awkward moments when we need answers from drivers if they're available for matches or whatever other reason. Also it will cover your ass from getting kicked for inactivity. For prolonged times away, you can go "inactive" and be protected for even months depending on your history with the team.

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Board -> TM² Stadium -> Recruitment ON -> [READ FIRST] How to be a Dore?

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