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grinder aus


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# Thread - 20.08.2015 at 21:40
Where do I start.

I have an eye condition that makes it so I have trouble focusing on severely contrasting colours and focusing on objects with different perspectives.

Fogs maps, and ridiculously coloured maps give me severe headaches and making it incredibly difficult too play. All I am asking is that you ask mappers to not include fog. It's not like you're removing any gameplay features form maps, AT MOST you're taking away the aesthetic design of a map, but when it causes severe trouble to some of your racers, shouldn't it be not allowed?

I am simply asking this because it's going to remove a HUGE chunk of the fun, and put me lower down the ladder when some idiot makes a map and decides that fog will be a good addition. I have no control over what mappers can do, and most servers barely give a shit about there players opinion, but surely asking mappers to not include fog, or ridiculous colour mods is not a hard ask.

Thanks in advance.
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# Answer: 1 - 21.08.2015 at 08:20
Hei Grinder

Welcome on the forums

For Season 1 we do not have choosen any fog or fancy color map So this will be ok for you

We will pick up your suggestion and add it on the CPL-mapper-page!

Thanks for your hint!!

GreetZ nSbL


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