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# Thread - 01.09.2015 at 21:22

I like a lot of the maps I've played so far but am finding the majority of them frustratingly difficult and I'm pretty sure most people know me for being grumpy with difficult maps and I vote --- a lot. However my votes do change after a few runs and I figure out the maps.

Having said that I was called a "c**t" and a "retard" today in the chat completely out of the blue. Not going to name him but he is a far better driver than me and probably has more experience with these style maps, so I definitely wasn't expecting to be belittled and called names in the chat like that, just coz I didn't like the maps.

There was a female driver present also and she wasn't too impressed with the words he used.

I was under the impression I could vote any way I wanted without being subjected to all sorts of name calling and belittling.

I didn't expect that kind of treatment during my 1st big league/competition entry. I probably won't bother racing it now as I'm pretty upset over it. I thought the whole idea was to bring the pros and noobs together, not let the pros make fools of us whenever they want. Anyhoo if you read all of that I think name calling needs to be dealt with in the chat. Cheers.

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# Answer: 1 - 01.09.2015 at 23:28

I'm sorry to hear that. Personally I get frustrated sometimes by the maps too (not by these since I don't play canyon) and then give a bad vote which I may change afterwards. So I completely understand why you're upset.

I wasn't there so I can't comment the real situation but all I want to say is don't let one person ruin the fun for you. And I'm sure if someone was really rude we'll spank him hard. ^^

Cheers mate.



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# Answer: 2 - 02.09.2015 at 00:03
I am "that guy". I don´t have any problem if you mention it.

I can understand someone doesn´t like maps, but i don´t care. So if you just sometimes say, "this map is bad" or "i don´t like it", i won´t say anything. But if every (when i say every is 100%) time i see you in the server, after your first run, not even 1 minute passed : "---" . I told you: "Okay, if you think these maps are bad, why don´t you make 'good maps' ? ". And next week what i see in the server are a spam of 45-60 sec lol maps (keep in mind this is for a competition). Maps that seem to be made in 5 minutes each (or less).

So when i see an acumulation of this, it goes over my limit and blows me. I keep thinking what i said.

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# Answer: 3 - 02.09.2015 at 02:29
At the risk of ruining the feedback section with a petty and meaningless squabble, so I'll try to keep thins short and if any adnins want to delete this thread then please do..

Well I do get a bit involved and intense when I'm learning new maps so I say things I don't mean and vote --- way too much, especially when I crash on tough corners, which is most of the time unfortunately.

I was asked to make a map pack, so I didn't spam anything and forgive me for trying to make a little extra contribution to the competition. If you had such a big problem with me and my terrible maps then maybe comment on them on mania exchange and or send me a private message.

Instead you chose to publicly call me a "cunt" and a "retard", of which I am neither, I can assure you. There are better ways to settle a difference opinion.

Lastly if you had stayed on a little longer today I gave several + and ++ votes. In future I won't vote at all. It will be hard but I won't.


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# Answer: 4 - 02.09.2015 at 04:18
Why don't you just vote after you've done at least 3 runs? it hurts to see a person disrespect a map that you or your friend made when that person has only played it once, so i can imagine why asier would lash out, not that he was right to do so.

just give things more time and don't get angry. this sounds like immaturity on both sides and you should both learn to control your emotions better.


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# Answer: 5 - 02.09.2015 at 09:21
I don`t know which server controller you guys are using, but in some there are plugins to only allow map votes, if you finished a map a given amount of times.



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# Answer: 6 - 02.09.2015 at 18:29
It's very easy solve this problem with a small change of configuration on the servers.
No needed install plugins....
I use it very long time on my 90K server.
Always i was upset when player never finished map and voted --- only because he dont know how drive on map properly.

go to : aseco/includes/rasp.settings.php/row 38
I have set there players can't vote in karma before he 3 times finish the map

1. / 2. / ... 
 34//Set to the number of times a player should have finished a map before
35//being allowed to karma vote for it
36//Note: this is the total number of finishes since the first time a player
37//tried a map, not the number in the current session
38$karma_require_finish 3;

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# Answer: 7 - 07.09.2015 at 02:56

First of all, you have all rights the world to both think a map 'sucks' and vote multiply minus. But you're admitting that you're frustrated when you do so, maybe also admitting that some of the rating was based of emotions rather than actual opinion, therefore I totally understand asier's reaction. To vote --- on a well built track (which I assure you all of them are) just because you think it's hard, doesn't justify a --- and therefore you're being the immature and disrespectful one to start with. I suggest you to vote by clicking on the ratings rather than writing on it if you feel frustrated next time. If you're keep on voting --- on well built tacks just because you thought they were hard the first time you drove it, you're in matter of regards 'a cunt'

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# Answer: 8 - 07.09.2015 at 03:49
Whether I'm evil incarnate or not is besides the point. This is a post about bad language and needless name calling in the chat. It's ancient history now anyway, if you read my initial post you'd have noticed this sentence.

"However my votes do change after a few runs and I figure out the maps."

I'm now in that figured out phase and am happily voting + and ++ on most of the maps. Cheers ^_^

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