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# Thread - 21.09.2015 at 00:02

I know this isnt as important as some other facts, but just needed to tell it.
GPS is something useful. It shows you potentially the way you need to drive, in case you dont find it yourself. And in general i would appreciate it. But since this is a league, where even fun-players / casual players have the chance to play in a competitive way with other players / friends, i dont think its necessary; i would go even further - gps is only then needed, if the map is too weird at some point. is this sort of weird-ness useful for a (potentially casual) player?
i dont want to say that the mappack is bad - its the complete opposite, its quite good balanced around "easy to learn, hard to master".

but gps reall annoys me, when driving with 20 players on a map, and each time at the start there is a sign or text or whatever saying "backwards for gps" (or sth equal) additionally i feel like a league map should be self-explained enough for the "not-usage" of a GPS. it should be a requirement for your map-stage.

just to notice, GPS on will also been shwon on streaming / spec mode, but will often be delayed causing unaesthetic issues.
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Board -> Canyon Premier League -> Feedback -> GPS on League Maps

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