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# Thread - 27.10.2015 at 15:34
Hei mates

congrats to the good results!

thanks for your activity as well

We just delivered the winner tags for season 1.

On your division overview you can have a look wether you made it in top3 (and get a tag) or not.

- To add the tag to your nick, just go to your profil.
- chose it from the list (navigate with the arrows if needed)
- activate "viewable for other players"
- click on "add to tag-showing list"

All done =)

For next season there will be some urgent changes. Inactive drivers will be removed, so therefor we will set-up a comfirm-system again. The field will be shortened to get it more challenging.
also the map amount and the load of maps per playday will be reworked.
other stuff is planned as well, but we all gonna mention later =)

Please let us know, wether you drive in season 2 or not

So last but not least:
See you latest in January for the start of Season 2!!



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Board -> Canyon Premier League -> Season 1 -> Winner Tags sent

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