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Mig II


Location: Migland
Posts: 4
# Thread - 21.11.2015 at 11:05
Hi All D²C !!

The " »ÐøS« Team " have the pleasure to announce to you the Opening of a NEW ÐøS SERVER !

The ÐøS XERES Tour takes back on TM² the Xeres's spirit concept !!
Based on maps from Xeres, and some other mappers from our Dirt Community !
A starting catalog is on, adding and updating maps soon again

Localization : ITALIA / LAZIO
or search "dos"
Rank : 0-70k
Players : 20 - 10 spect

PS : some plugins will be added in a few days, and more a special one rewarding the podium every race
Thanks for sharing the info ... and HAVE FUN !!!

If some mappers of you want to create maps on the Xeres's style, we'll be happy to edit it on our server !
as xeres's style, we mean : lenght minimum 1.20mn, pure dirty, good fluidity
You can then join us on our DoS forum, in the special subject about the DoS Xeres Tour Server :

See you

»ÐøS« Team

Pleasure, FairPlay ... and Rage !!!

Going for Spamer

Location: Almelo
Posts: 410
# Answer: 1 - 21.11.2015 at 20:54
nice server cool the old xeres tracks

[/size][/size][/b]The Bearded one


Wannabe Dore

Location: Brest
Posts: 33
# Answer: 2 - 21.11.2015 at 22:37
Hey, nice, I will be able to discover those famous races, because I'm a not that old player


Try to beat me

Posts: 132
# Answer: 3 - 22.11.2015 at 00:15
I have to discover it too, at this moment not my style. Maybe after some practicing ill like it^^


I think I'm the King

Location: Zagreb
Posts: 275
# Answer: 4 - 22.11.2015 at 11:27
Damnnnn I was nolifing that. Will be cool to play this again.

Answers: 4
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Board -> TM² Stadium -> General Discussion -> New DoS Server - DoS Xeres Tour

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