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# Thread - 08.02.2016 at 22:37

So yesterday we only played 6 maps instead of 7 (atleast on div 2).

I just want to know about raceday points : since there is fewer points than others session (-100 points for one map), is this date will be considered as worst raceday ?

Maybe this day some players do their best raceday even without one map. I don't really know how the point system is made. Hope I don't bring a boring subject.

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# Answer: 1 - 08.02.2016 at 23:01
Hey Neko.

We are currently discussing how to approach this.

We'll make a post about it when we have decided how to move forward.




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# Answer: 2 - 17.02.2016 at 17:37
I don't understand the points system at all. 3 people are down 1000 points, others are down 100 and most are down 4 - 300.

I understand the worst two runs are subtracted but it does not seem fair that the days people didn't race are counted as a worst race day. I said this last season too, but the two worst runs shouldn't be included as no race days in the total points, which seems to be the case at the moment , if I'm correct.

So for instance on Sunday on the last day I will lose 1000 points or so, because my two worst runs add up to it. So if someone has two no race days they lose ZERO points. Or if they have two race days where they got 50 points they only lose 100 points. This seems very likely and doesn't really make sense to me.

I'm definitely not the fastest here but I'm consistent and I try to drive my best every week. The league is great and I'm really learning a lot, but how is it fair that I place 10th because my average 500 points a week and I lose 1000 points and the leaders lose 1500 while everyone else loses 300?

The point I'm trying to make here is, before I ramble on forever, is if people have 5 runs for a season then two of those should be counted as there worst runs and not the no shows. If this is the case then please forgive my ignorance.

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# Answer: 3 - 17.02.2016 at 23:08
@Neko: We will add your the average points by looking on the 6 maps we played and insert those points as the score for map 1. the points for playday 6 will be updated during this week.

@Intrepid: We decided on counting 6 out of 8 playdays(meaning a missed playday is counted as one of the worst 2 playdays) as we assumed that a driver might not be available every sunday evening for 2 months straight.
We chose to count this way to let everyone have a chance to win even though they could not attend all playdays. In my point of view those who were able to attend all playdays have an edge as they had more playdays they could deliver a good score on where as for example myself had to deliver on those 6 playdays i were able to play.

Glad to hear that you are enjoy CPL!



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# Answer: 4 - 18.02.2016 at 04:07
I understand that Wind and in theory it's a good idea as obviously people have other commitments.

However, the way I see things unfolding is pretty different. For arguement sake let's say I get 10 points on Sunday **on purpose**. Like leave after the first race. This means my worst two runs now addd up to 330 as my worst befor is 320 I think, plus 10 for the day I left early, intentionaly. So for me to have more points at the end of the league, I can leave early on Sunday and not even complete the raceday.

It's in my best interest to not even race if I want to be placed higher as the points dedeucted will be less than if i play as normal. I will not do this but hopefully some of you can see what I'm saying. There is a flaw in this point sytem and it's wide open for manipulation.

It makes no sense to penalise the people who are there every weeek and get a lot of points and reward the people who can't be and leave mid session for whatever the reason may be, good and or bad intentions.

So what I'm saying is this, if I race as normal on Sunday my final total will be 3150. Going by my average.

If I leave after the first race after placing last and getting 10 points, then my final total will be 3650.

I will race as normal but I just want people to see what I'm getting at and hopefully fix this issue for the next season, somehow.

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# Answer: 5 - 18.02.2016 at 08:01
Lemme explain this to you since you seem to have it all backwards.

Your Points this Season so far were:

+ 511
+ 542
+ 453
+ 532
+ 607 (after adding the points for the missing 7th map)
+ 573
= 3610

After deleting the worst 2 playdays (392 + 453 = 845) that would be 2765.

Now, it doesn't matter how many points you get during your last playday, you gain points in every possible outcome.


Possibility A:

You gain less than your current 2nd lowest amount (453).
e.g. you don't show up/ only get 10 Points on purpose.
-> 453 Points get added to you Overall Points.

Possibility B:

You gain equal or more than your current 2nd lowest amount (453).
-> AT LEAST 453 Points get added to your Overall Points.

This also means that it does indeed matter if you try on the last Playday or throw it.

I hope this helped clear up the confusion.

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# Answer: 6 - 18.02.2016 at 08:07
Sorry but you completly missunderstand the score and how it works ...

Player 1: 500 / 400 / 300 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 300 --> 1'500 total score (0 and 0 deleted rest summed up)
Player 2: 800 / 200 / 100 / 50 / 400 / 320 / 40 / 600 --> 2'420 (40 and 50 deleted rest summed up)
Player 3: 300 / 300 / 300 / 300 / 300 / 300 / 300 / 300 --> 1'800 (300 and 300 deleted rest summed up)
Player 4: 400 / 250 / 450 / 200 / 500 / 0 / 450 / 200 --> 2'250 (0 and 200 deleted rest smmed up)

Sorry I absolutly don't see where this system is unfair or manipulativ :o
This is even more fair than just take the median of every score made.

Table of current score system:
1) Player 2
2) Player 4
3) Player 3
4) Player 1

Table if median of points would be taken:
1) Player 1 (375)
2) Player 4 (350)
3) Player 2 (313.75)
4) Player 3 (300)

So if we would take the median of points driven individualy, the system would exactly be, what you say it is now: unfair and manipulative ...

Perhaps i don't see what you mean, but i think the CPL score system is one of the best for casual drivers ^^ correct me if i am wrong

Thanks for drivin mate and see you next

Greets nSbL


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# Answer: 7 - 18.02.2016 at 14:46
Thx for the replies gents and taking the time to explain it to me. I understand now, I gues the way the leaderboard is now is what's confusing me and I'm forgetting the last day has to happen yet. Anyhoo, see yiz Sunday ^_^



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# Answer: 8 - 21.02.2016 at 19:50
Missing Points from map1 on playday 6 is now added. They are added on the total points for Map 6.

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