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ameliesachs quarter-final mappack on train server 14.10.2017
ameliesachs on tran server map SRC-CameL_BumpS replaced with new version of map 17.10.2017
ameliesachs semifinal mappack on train server gl 23.10.2017
ameliesachs final mappack on train server 29.10.2017
ameliesachs Happy New year dore's 03.01.2018
ameliesachs Welcome guys and gl 19.01.2018
ameliesachs maps for friendly match with Spam are on dore train server...gogo dores 10.02.2018
ameliesachs Match Spam vs d2c this sunday 18th, start 21:0-21:15. More info and doodle in match thread. 16.02.2018
ameliesachs I'm still alive ...just info 14.01.2019
ameliesachs 17.02.2019
Anxiety my pad seems to be permabroke ...kb powa 04.08.2013
Anxiety helloooooooo c: 31.10.2013
Anxiety RIP tony 09.10.2014
Anxiety HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIGHT 23.10.2014
Anxiety the penny jar sure is mean today 23.11.2014
Anxiety michel, you have to set the graphics preset to custom any presets it does not let you change most things ....while you're at it, disable v-sync. because it always defaults on and FUCK THAT SHIT 02.12.2014
Anxiety yes 08.01.2015
Anxiety nonono dont watch this match 05.05.2015
Anxiety THANKS ERRYBODY 09.06.2015
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