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tombuilder @frost: Read the news i 04.02.2014
Kemoto @holla: what i said was just a joke ofc..i knew it was a connection problem ..if tjere is one team i trust in no cheating its dore...because in the past there was a good cheater hunter 11.03.2015
Smytherines @ida i think i found it go to the smurfen server 08.02.2014
Light @Ida, the electricals circulate all the way around the motherboard which in truth your fans start after your chip synchronizion is affirmed, 13.08.2013
Funka @MAD: Love your Login 03.09.2014
Hurri @maniak,: did send you a message 11.10.2015
Hurri @maniak,: did send you a message 11.10.2015
Hurri @maniak: Yes i will tell you this evening. 11.10.2015
tombuilder @Mark: Look pm for your skin! 05.09.2013
Maniak @mungos. I watch the replay and obviously, no grass effect between start and 1st cp. Impossible to gain so much time between start and first cp so ... 11.01.2015
nuls @nope mani. flash is old and a security risk. try to convert your swf to gif. 02.02.2015
tombuilder @pit: I send a pm to an scorpion about it 26.06.2014
Krisida @Rabbit - i went into "chrome/plugins" and disabled the flashplayer in c:win and enabled the flashplayer in c:user. after that adblock worked again. and yeah i google it. 21.01.2014
nuls @rabbit it is a SM Joust server 04.02.2014
tombuilder @Smytherines: Check online for problems, some gamepads cause game freezes/crashes in TM2 03.02.2014
Maniak @Talula : I can show you millions of interview where he is arrogant.He is a s..t :p 12.03.2015
Danneboy @Tom: They originally posted it on Facebook, then they might have gone to different server/websites and posted, but since i am in SDR's facebook group i can update you guys with upcoming events 24.06.2013
BigBen @Tombuilder the mx advent calender competion results are finally finished, but they need your login to give you your planets 02.05.2015
nuls * forum overview i mean 19.06.2015
matze *ääeehhh* Where is the news update? .. Also if you not won, it was for sure a nice match. 30.10.2013
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