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Nickname Message Date
Mungos zombie mode talula - nor alive nor dead 04.11.2014
zero| Luporacer2 zero in top 10, yea 20.12.2013
MAD. Yup we were late on invoice, its all fine now but dont have laptop with me so cant put them back up atm. 15.10.2015
Light Yup was Enjoyable Was on teamspeak with the canyon crew as Ben was on there giving me the details 20 secs before i saw it lol 29.07.2014
hec_ker yt tag for youtube videos, only need the part after "watch?v=" 03.10.2016
Zett Yoyo, Smurfcup anyone today? 08.03.2014
arba You're lucky that i wasn't there yerstaday!! 24.06.2013
Daigle You're just afraid. 28.04.2015
tombuilder You`re welcome! Don`t hesitate to ask, if you need something else 02.05.2013
tombuilder You want to upload a video to youtube or a replay to TMX? If youtube, you 1st have to render the cvideo out of the mediatracker. 24.03.2015
Chrissie You want the pass off again? I set it on request Saturday. But we can take it off np 13.01.2014
Firestorrm you wanna do [d2c] Valley? ^^ 23.10.2015
Stephen you think that's bad? 08.09.2014
tombuilder You still need the res? I could try it via the servercontroller. Dont know if its possible though 16.01.2014
MAD. You should be able to donate on Summer cup servers after server restart. My player account wasn't validated so I couldn't receive planets on dedi accounts too. 22.06.2015
nuls you need more? under shoutbox you find all server 09.06.2014
Maniak You make a screenie you make a screenie you make a screenie 04.02.2016
nuls you know since when that happens? 27.03.2015
Mungos you have pm snaky 09.05.2013
Chrissie You have a paid or free game? And can you see the other ATR servers? Or also not? 27.06.2013
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