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Nickname Message Date
tombuilder You have 12 dedi 1s in canyon 22.04.2014
Beastin' you guys should check out my new video 24.07.2014
Talula You guys don't need me for any dore team in UDT? just a reminder 12.10.2014
Talula You guys can see the skin i did for NDC Brasil Team: 14.10.2014
Daigle You got the server details Nils asked for the statistics page? 16.09.2013
hec_ker you got mail matze, i hope atleast one of the screens is good 21.04.2015
Mungos you did good frosti - i mean everyone compered to their LU 02.02.2014
Chrissie you choose by Netherlands Overijssel? 27.06.2013
shaxe you can't even play the multi env mode through steam right now. 01.05.2014
nuls you can't enable and disable votes without serverrestart. we use planets for servers, tournaments or other things. So i would like it if you pay for it . senfti if you need planets, tell me 26.07.2014
rush you can join us if you like 7 13.12.2013
nuls you can join the server michel. ask inGame for PW 03.08.2014
tombuilder You can drive the last part backwards, so jump right instead of straight. 04.04.2015
tombuilder You can decide Chrissie, we should be enough driver! If you want, you can dirive, but there is no need to! 14.12.2013
Chrissie You are welcome, if those problems occur, just shoot me 22.11.2013
nuls you are right michel! it was not my intend, i also hate this popup shit. here the link 13.03.2015
Chrissie you are my hero!! ty!! 03.10.2016
tombuilder You are my hero nulsi 08.04.2014
Tinus you are even older than me ^^ 30.10.2014
Space Yop Yop Yop Guys 02.08.2015
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