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Nickname Message Date
Rabbit Yooo, thanks guys for the congratulations - even if im inactive! Love you! 05.03.2015
Maniak yooo kem 12.02.2015
AruTM2C yooo 26.08.2015
Tia yooo 25.06.2013
schalkeboy yooo 17.11.2013
Maniak yooo 17.11.2013
Tia yoo! 03.11.2013
draengler Yoo, im back 27.10.2014
Maniak Yoo talu 16.11.2014
Light Yolo Guess whose back, I ammm!! Hey Guys wanna come out to playyy?! (Canyon Army) 22.07.2014
chaoticatmosphere Yo yo ladies I'm still here!! Just been busy! 25.05.2013
nuls yo toyz. the passwords you could find in internal forum. but you are not full member atm, so no access. I will send you the pw via pm here 08.09.2015
arba yo toshi 30.04.2013
nuls yo tia 03.11.2013
Stephen Yo Smytherines, Your playing in the final today 13.02.2014
no SkiLL but LucK yo SB 26.11.2015
Mathieu yo maniak tu bosses pas ? :p 29.07.2013
nuls yo lara 10.06.2016
Weedkiller yo ladys long time ago 29.04.2013
nuls yo Jezze. @Krisida on my desktop pc it is normal that the cpu fan start later ... 11.08.2013
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