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Nickname Message Date
Mungos Yo Jezze 10.08.2013
Daigle Yo jez! And for sure you got a spot! 03.12.2013
nuls yo Inz. how are you? 07.05.2014
Toyz yo guys where do i see the password of the dore servers?^^ 08.09.2015
Toph Yo firestorm, can you pm me your replay for the ESL - LBJ map? gotta see what I'm doing wrong 01.06.2017
nibs yo Blazin 28.11.2013
nuls yo bepino, welcome on our homepage 18.11.2013
schalkeboy yo Bep<3 18.11.2013
Mungos yo anzzinho, whats up mate? 20.05.2013
nuls yo anx 31.10.2013
draengler yo Amelie, yes please add me, ty 12.10.2017
Seven yo all the best Rabbit 04.03.2014
Mathieu yo all 25.02.2014
nuls yesterday afternoon you had your chance talu . more i tell you inGame 19.12.2014
Blade Yes. I guess beacuse of reboot this morning. The last two days I had some trouble in the evening. 3 or 4 DB crashes and yesterday evening no running plugin. A good reason for early sleep ^^ 27.08.2015
Inzhain Yes! It's good to be back in the game! 17.08.2017
Chrissie yes! 27.09.2014
Inzhain Yes, well done in the Quali's! 11.09.2013
tombuilder Yes, this is for competitions and recruiting. But for fun you can drive (or shoot) anywhere ofc. 31.03.2015
Rαצ.Rαven Yes, this error appear from time to time. I think just the graphics get shifted but the hitboxes of the buttons etc. stay at their normal place. 26.03.2015
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