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Chrissie please delete liuchunkai 05.07.2017
revolS ala 12.06.2017
hec_ker did someone say discord? we've had one for some time: 01.06.2017
Firestorrm btw, do you have like a discord or something? I believe activity would be a bit higher as Discord is a bit more engaging than a forum. Also shitposting is easier 01.06.2017
Firestorrm Surely, I pm'd you 01.06.2017
Toph Yo firestorm, can you pm me your replay for the ESL - LBJ map? gotta see what I'm doing wrong 01.06.2017
Chrissie Nice holidays Draengler! 30.05.2017
draengler hey all, im on Madagaskar, and back at 15.06 28.05.2017
Firestorrm Thanks Tinus (Y) 16.05.2017
Tinus tm harni99 or pharni.99@skype 15.05.2017
Tinus Firestorm Harni is looking for you and wants to contact you? can you contact him/her 15.05.2017
ameliesachs info : due to huge update of MP me and my hosting working to reinstal all dore servers from mp3 to mp4. in hope dore servers will be back asap but dont know when :( gl to all with mp4, god with us 10.05.2017
nuls omg. we can do it in heckers house ^^ . I can't remember when it was exactly, but i know Trackmania had a lot of players 04.05.2017
ameliesachs I hope nils and matze prepare big birthday team party full of whiskey and weed 02.05.2017
hec_ker Any idea when our 10th birthday is this year? :o 02.05.2017
no SkiLL but LucK a REAL LIFE dore-car will be born (have a look into the small talk section) 24.04.2017
ameliesachs Ofc nils!! I come!!! June or July it will be possible. 16.04.2017
nuls Next time go to Berlin 15.04.2017
ameliesachs Greetings from Hamburg in Germany to all dore's 2 years im a member of German clan so finally 1st time I'm here 15.04.2017
nuls Thx m8s 13.04.2017
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