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Nickname Message Date
AIRNeko Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Over 26.06.2015
AIRNeko Hey, thanks guys 28.12.2015
Amanoé wb 05.01.2014
Amanoé why i my update cant start on maniaplanet .. 01.05.2014
Amanoé i won KO bitches ! 10.05.2014
Amanoé in the month i got exam sorry for inacivity! 13.06.2014
ameliesachs Chrissie pls can you check topic about our match on MDC forum? ty. 17.09.2014
ameliesachs GL Tom 02.05.2015
ameliesachs one day later but....Happy B-Day Kemoto !! 13.05.2015
ameliesachs info for all... pls check Internal team discussion, info about new 3 dore servers. thx 21.05.2015
ameliesachs I'm nothing, I'm a good girl...yet... 01.06.2015
ameliesachs thank you all 18.08.2015
ameliesachs Happy B-day Hecker 19.08.2015
ameliesachs HB Lara 31.08.2015
ameliesachs for me steam works good atm but yesterday some guys had problems 13.09.2015
ameliesachs fun players please asap fill doodle especialy for Thursday and Friday because it seems team Speed can't play match in Saturday/Sunday. 16.09.2015
ameliesachs Next week in Slip is mercato = no new mappacks, no train, no match. new mappacks at Friday 25th September. Enjoy free days 20.09.2015
ameliesachs fun team please fill the doodle - team ADT asked me to play our match this wee-kend....thx 23.09.2015
ameliesachs Blade, server is in location Germany/Berlin, join link: maniaplanet://#join=dore_train2@TMStadium 23.09.2015
ameliesachs Happy B-day Linton 02.10.2015
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