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Nickname Message Date
Chrissie check friendly match 03.02.2018
ameliesachs Welcome guys and gl 19.01.2018
makaróni thank you 19.01.2018
awikii Thaaaaaaaaanks 19.01.2018
Aquila Okey, I didnt say anything, I see the message just right now ! Thanks guys, and Im really glad to be here ! 18.01.2018
Aquila oh, reall ? We are in ? Then we will get the cool team tag ? 18.01.2018
Chrissie Welcome guys!! 17.01.2018
tombuilder Welcome to the team guys!!! 17.01.2018
Chrissie ok forgot we had a birthday, someone still online? 13.01.2018
makaróni Im on the server 13.01.2018
Aquila Saturday is okey for me! Others ? 12.01.2018
Chrissie this saturday? 11.01.2018
Chrissie log in about 2100? 11.01.2018
Aquila Nice! And when? Tomorrow..maybe ? 11.01.2018
Chrissie Sounds good Aquila! Team party always good idea 10.01.2018
Aquila Nice ! Btw, we should have a team party on your private server, what do you think ? 10.01.2018
senfti the core²duo CPUs don't have this newly found security issue, I hope this is a good omen for dore²cuo 08.01.2018
makaróni so no beer for me? 08.01.2018
nuls yeah the good old pentiums were core²duo, that's right. but matze and me pronounced it wrong the whole time when we bought these CPUs ... 08.01.2018
hurri567 Happy new year dores! 05.01.2018
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