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Nickname Message Date
Chrissie Welcome guys!! 17.01.2018
tombuilder Welcome to the team guys!!! 17.01.2018
Chrissie ok forgot we had a birthday, someone still online? 13.01.2018
makaróni Im on the server 13.01.2018
Aquila Saturday is okey for me! Others ? 12.01.2018
Chrissie this saturday? 11.01.2018
Chrissie log in about 2100? 11.01.2018
Aquila Nice! And when? Tomorrow..maybe ? 11.01.2018
Chrissie Sounds good Aquila! Team party always good idea 10.01.2018
Aquila Nice ! Btw, we should have a team party on your private server, what do you think ? 10.01.2018
senfti the core²duo CPUs don't have this newly found security issue, I hope this is a good omen for dore²cuo 08.01.2018
makaróni so no beer for me? 08.01.2018
nuls yeah the good old pentiums were core²duo, that's right. but matze and me pronounced it wrong the whole time when we bought these CPUs ... 08.01.2018
hurri567 Happy new year dores! 05.01.2018
ameliesachs Happy New year dore's 03.01.2018
Chrissie Happy new year dores!!! 01.01.2018
tombuilder Happy new year!!! 01.01.2018
makaróni happy new year 31.12.2017
Aquila Happy new Year Dores ! 31.12.2017
makaróni guys you owe me a beer if it's not core2duo with the c and d swapped 30.12.2017
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