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Aquila Saturday is okey for me! Others ? 12.01.2018
Aquila oh, reall ? We are in ? Then we will get the cool team tag ? 18.01.2018
Aquila Okey, I didnt say anything, I see the message just right now ! Thanks guys, and Im really glad to be here ! 18.01.2018
Aquila Sry guys I was a little bit busy nowadays, but Im back and try to be active again! 04.02.2018
anzz <3 dore2cuo 20.05.2013
anzz life is good~ 20.05.2013
anzz 90k ladder target! 04.10.2013
anzz why not allow restart on d2c TA server? not enough time to hunt damnit! 04.11.2013
anzz ah! 04.11.2013
anzz wohoo finally 90k LP! 10.11.2013
anzz welcome guys 22.11.2013
anzz Yep, logitech's rumblepad or dual action is pretty much the only option 02.02.2014
anzz The problem with xbox controller's stick is that it doesn't have 4 corners like rumblepad/ps4 style controller has, at least the last one I tried. Makes it very hard to hit 100% right/left 02.02.2014
anzz 13.05.2016
anzz greetings to d2c 22.02.2019
Anxiety my pad seems to be permabroke ...kb powa 04.08.2013
Anxiety helloooooooo c: 31.10.2013
Anxiety RIP tony 09.10.2014
Anxiety HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIGHT 23.10.2014
Anxiety the penny jar sure is mean today 23.11.2014
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