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nuls yeah the good old pentiums were core²duo, that's right. but matze and me pronounced it wrong the whole time when we bought these CPUs ... 08.01.2018
hurri567 Happy new year dores! 05.01.2018
ameliesachs Happy New year dore's 03.01.2018
Chrissie Happy new year dores!!! 01.01.2018
tombuilder Happy new year!!! 01.01.2018
makaróni happy new year 31.12.2017
Aquila Happy new Year Dores ! 31.12.2017
makaróni guys you owe me a beer if it's not core2duo with the c and d swapped 30.12.2017
Aquila Krisz had an idea that match with that. core 2 duo ? 30.12.2017
tombuilder So you remember the Pentiums many years ago? 30.12.2017
Aquila I have an important question! What does it mean dore2cuo ? Im really curious ! 30.12.2017
tombuilder Heyho guys, nice to see some fresh blood 29.12.2017
Chrissie Hey there guys! 29.12.2017
makaróni hi 29.12.2017
Aquila Hi Guys, I'm really glad to be here ! 29.12.2017
Chrissie check forum about WRC for time and date Elite and Fun 17.12.2017
Chrissie issue solved ^^ 14.12.2017
Vtec So that still the chat in game inactive .... I don't know really why ..... I say here hello hope it will not be 2 Versions of game in future .... Demo and full .... Cuu 14.12.2017
Chrissie SPAM Winter Cup 10.12.2017
Kiddo i am back in canyon guys. still wearing dore sign with pride 28.11.2017
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