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Nickname Message Date
jezze yop yop Dores 10.08.2013
nuls yop toshi darling 30.04.2013
nuls yop tia 26.06.2013
Mungos Yop tia 03.11.2013
jezze yop frosti mate, glad you choose d2c 26.01.2014
jezze yop dores..would be nice to play with you again sometime soon. comeback maybe.. and good to see ur back schalkeboy I still have a place in d2c? 03.12.2013
Maniak yop Daigle good luck for your researches 09.06.2013
Cas... Yop d2c, all info for the WRC mappack is found in fourm 09.03.2015
Chrissie yop Ben*j 14.08.2014
Mungos Yop 7 30.04.2013
Toshi Yoooooooooooop Guys How are you, my family? 30.04.2013
Maniak Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo m8 I'm back. Time to kick your ass hahahaha 26.07.2014
Tinus yoooooooooooooooo 12.02.2015
Maniak yoooooooooooooo everybody thank you all. 28.10.2014
Maniak Yoooooooooo Dore's Still in hollidays sea sex and sun 15.07.2014
Maniak Yooooooo :p 27.10.2014
Maniak Yooooo The Drae Machiiiiiiiinnnnnneeee 27.10.2014
Maniak Yoooo, ty nuls. No i didn t sleep on the server but for sure i did spend lot of time on the serv. I really want to get this one 04.01.2015
nibs Yoooo Mungos 23.11.2013
Maniak yoooo M@t, non je bosse pas arrêt de travail .... Objectif ce soir... Rester devant toi :p 29.07.2013
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