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torQ7u ntm just chekin how my old crew is doing 11.02.2015
torQ7u yep i was, and i am rethinking to come back here 11.02.2015
torQ7u u know ... driving around with dore tag competing in matches cups and stuff 11.02.2015
torQ7u soooo... whats my chances to be accepted back ? 11.02.2015
Toshi Yoooooooooooop Guys How are you, my family? 30.04.2013
Toyz yo guys where do i see the password of the dore servers?^^ 08.09.2015
ƜƱŘƧƴƮ how i send the requeriments to enter of the clan? 05.08.2015
V for Vendetta Happy Bday Overwerk! 26.06.2013
V for Vendetta we won 28:1? 06.10.2013
V for Vendetta heh, wasn't at home :( 07.10.2013
V for Vendetta DOREMINATION 14.10.2013
V for Vendetta Thank you all guys <3 15.12.2013
V for Vendetta Guys can I ask you to make a main thread for the Canyon ESL tournaments? 31.01.2015
VADinfo Tombuilder PM Send 20.01.2014
Vrba Merry christmas team dore! 24.12.2015
Vtec Happy Birthday 20.08.2017
Vtec I am happy to get E-Mail and am proud to part of dore clan now .... looking forward to have nice matches and wins with you Greetings 30.08.2017
Vtec Greetings all ... can anybody send me PW of dirt train server please? thx a lot and nice weekend 30.09.2017
Vtec yes happy Birthday 10.11.2017
Vtec So that still the chat in game inactive .... I don't know really why ..... I say here hello hope it will not be 2 Versions of game in future .... Demo and full .... Cuu 14.12.2017
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