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ameliesachs Happy birthday Linton 02.10.2016
ameliesachs Happy birthday Linton 02.10.2016
ameliesachs no chrissie, use "video" button, select "youtube" and in yt tag put only video ID like this: [yt]Bf5HYzFHjzM[/yt] 03.10.2016
ameliesachs On train server updated map "Gettin' Jiggy...."with alternative finish. 11.10.2016
ameliesachs Maps for final are on train server. Selected 3 maps with the best karma from previously matches. GL for the final dores!!! 24.10.2016
ameliesachs Tom, do you think dore server? dore starts? In game all ok with servers and stats..problem is only here on page with displaying. 22.01.2017
ameliesachs Happy birthday Dash! Yeah stats from train server works again 08.03.2017
ameliesachs Guys please can you fill Doodle for match with ATR? Thank you all. 08.03.2017
ameliesachs Happy bday Tom 17.03.2017
ameliesachs The match with puLse at Sunday 21:00 ! 25.03.2017
ameliesachs Greetings from Hamburg in Germany to all dore's 2 years im a member of German clan so finally 1st time I'm here 15.04.2017
ameliesachs Ofc nils!! I come!!! June or July it will be possible. 16.04.2017
ameliesachs I hope nils and matze prepare big birthday team party full of whiskey and weed 02.05.2017
ameliesachs info : due to huge update of MP me and my hosting working to reinstal all dore servers from mp3 to mp4. in hope dore servers will be back asap but dont know when :( gl to all with mp4, god with us 10.05.2017
ameliesachs Greetings from Hamburg dore's, happy holidays to all, enjoy the summer I'm still alive 02.08.2017
ameliesachs thanks guys 28.08.2017
ameliesachs mappack 2 on train server 01.10.2017
ameliesachs I'm sorry for late :( maps udated, server restarted and now maps working. 04.10.2017
ameliesachs mappack 3 on train server 08.10.2017
ameliesachs draengler - now mercato in SRC, we can add you to fun team if you want , let me now please..... 09.10.2017
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