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Nickname Message Date
Mungos yes i can 22.04.2013
nuls mungi you can open topic now? 22.04.2013
Mungos wont post every message 22.04.2013
nuls i go crazy with the right-systems -.- 22.04.2013
Mungos seams that chat aint working properly 22.04.2013
nuls but should work now! 22.04.2013
Mungos ok mate 22.04.2013
Daigle As said, the website (especially forum) permissions are yet to be worked around. 22.04.2013
Mungos in small talk no possibility to open topic 22.04.2013
nuls now MAD? 22.04.2013
MAD. I can't post on forum, permision denied for everything 22.04.2013
MAD. few years I think, but be patient 22.04.2013
nuls Krisida screenshot pls! daigle we should create a board where all can post the issues 22.04.2013
Krisida visitors can see/ enter admin area. you should fix that. Cool look btw. 22.04.2013
Rabbit lets see how long it will take to get every member registered again 22.04.2013
Daigle Indeed, we'll need to take a close look at the permissions and other hierarchy. But it'll be sorted 22.04.2013
torQ7u cool new site, like it ! 22.04.2013
hec_ker ok, good to now its not just me 22.04.2013
Mungos haha have same - they are probably working on site 22.04.2013
hec_ker how come i have no rights for visiting player profiles when logged in? :x 22.04.2013
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