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Nickname Message Date
Vrba Merry christmas team dore! 24.12.2015
Vtec Happy Birthday 20.08.2017
Vtec I am happy to get E-Mail and am proud to part of dore clan now .... looking forward to have nice matches and wins with you Greetings 30.08.2017
Vtec Greetings all ... can anybody send me PW of dirt train server please? thx a lot and nice weekend 30.09.2017
Vtec yes happy Birthday 10.11.2017
Vtec So that still the chat in game inactive .... I don't know really why ..... I say here hello hope it will not be 2 Versions of game in future .... Demo and full .... Cuu 14.12.2017
Weedkiller yo ladys long time ago 29.04.2013
Weedkiller ja biite Tom ? and yes you know me 29.04.2013
Weedkiller yes nice new site god job 29.04.2013
Weedkiller the link dosent work :( 29.04.2013
WiWa Happy New Year to all of u 01.01.2014
WiWa Not sure where this is going :O 08.01.2014
WiWa I don't know if I want to tom, haha 08.01.2014
WiWa InzhAAAAAAAAin 31.01.2014
WiWa Let's win this thing It may be Fun, but it's still a title 15.03.2014
WiWa Happy Bday ^^ 17.03.2014
WiWa These DC Maps really suck o0 24.03.2014
WiWa I was far below par as well >.< Let's hope we do better next time 05.04.2014
WiWa 79 dedi1s 23.04.2014
WiWa of which 60 on LYNX server and 5 on my own tracks elsewhere, hehe 23.04.2014
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