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Nickname Message Date
WiWa HI INZ 10.05.2014
WiWa Or make it a WiWa Maps server Maybe not suited for beginners though, hehe. Daigle would approve I'm sure! 23.07.2014
WiWa Im baaaack ^^ 22.12.2014
WiWa Thanks ^^ 22.12.2014
WiWa ty 23.12.2014
Wulfram Hi, if sentfi sees this I'm having problems finding the server we're meant to play on for 3dmax match. 16.02.2014
Wulfram Sorry, please disregard that, finally found it. ^^ 16.02.2014
xEnderRacer is there a way i can get in d2c? msg me @ mattthegamer 17.09.2015
zero| Luporacer2 Xaseco ist auf den xmas server 1 offline 15.12.2013
zero| Luporacer2 zero in top 10, yea 20.12.2013
Zett Happy Happy Joy Joy Matti! 19.02.2014
Zett Anyone playing the Canyon Indy 500 Cup on Sat. (after Smurf Cup)? 21.02.2014
Zett Yep, sounds crazy 346 rounds, Pitstops etc. Infos: 21.02.2014
Zett Happy Happy Joy Joy! 27.02.2014
Zett Finally I made it into the Canyon team! Thanks guys, c ya on track!! 02.03.2014
Zett Happy Bunny-Day, Rabbit! 03.03.2014
Zett Sry guys, no headset currently. Creative SUCKS!! 05.03.2014
Zett Yoyo, Smurfcup anyone today? 08.03.2014
Zett Grattis på födelsedagen Rush! 09.03.2014
Zett Hf in Amster-Damn this weekend guys! Also some greetz by me to the Smurfs 14.03.2014
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