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matze lool .. 21.04.2013
Daigle I get a boner every time I visit here. 21.04.2013
tombuilder Awesome work guys! I`m so excited 21.04.2013
Daigle A suggestin: Perhaps make a read more plus image in red with a white sign. Default looks boring 19.04.2013
Daigle I enabled double posts in forum. They will be needed eventually. 19.04.2013
matze Member rights control under Administration -> Access -- boahhhh >.< 19.04.2013
nuls yes it is a big construction kit! 19.04.2013
matze new Nadeo Title: Shoemania 19.04.2013
Daigle Just realized that there are craploads of features and functions that we don't even need. 19.04.2013
nuls i'm not George Bush!! So don't do that! :p 19.04.2013
Daigle I will throw you with a shoe if you one more time blame me for using IE 19.04.2013
nuls don't use Internet Explorer! then you don't have scrollbar in shoutbox 19.04.2013
matze first shoutbox spammer on board 19.04.2013
Daigle Figured out the delete function for topics. 19.04.2013
Daigle Also, can't delete topics. Only close, move, unpin/pin and rename. 19.04.2013
Daigle Also the shoutbox, as neat as it seems. There's a horizontal scrollbar just above the username and this text box (in the shouts list frame). 19.04.2013
Daigle Btw, i increased the forum post character limit to 5000. I wasn't able to move posts as they were too long for the 2,5k limit 19.04.2013
matze 17.04.2013
matze Dies ist ein Test für einen mehrzeiligen Text. Dies ist ein Test für einen mehrzeiligen Text. Dies ist ein Test für einen mehrzeiligen Text. 17.04.2013
matze matze schreibt was 15.04.2013
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