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MAD. You should be able to donate on Summer cup servers after server restart. My player account wasn't validated so I couldn't receive planets on dedi accounts too. 22.06.2015
tombuilder You still need the res? I could try it via the servercontroller. Dont know if its possible though 16.01.2014
Stephen you think that's bad? 08.09.2014
Firestorrm you wanna do [d2c] Valley? ^^ 23.10.2015
Chrissie You want the pass off again? I set it on request Saturday. But we can take it off np 13.01.2014
tombuilder You want to upload a video to youtube or a replay to TMX? If youtube, you 1st have to render the cvideo out of the mediatracker. 24.03.2015
tombuilder You`re welcome! Don`t hesitate to ask, if you need something else 02.05.2013
Daigle You're just afraid. 28.04.2015
arba You're lucky that i wasn't there yerstaday!! 24.06.2013
Zett Yoyo, Smurfcup anyone today? 08.03.2014
hec_ker yt tag for youtube videos, only need the part after "watch?v=" 03.10.2016
Light Yup was Enjoyable Was on teamspeak with the canyon crew as Ben was on there giving me the details 20 secs before i saw it lol 29.07.2014
MAD. Yup we were late on invoice, its all fine now but dont have laptop with me so cant put them back up atm. 15.10.2015
zero| Luporacer2 zero in top 10, yea 20.12.2013
Mungos zombie mode talula - nor alive nor dead 04.11.2014
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