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torQ7u holaaaa whats up dores 11.02.2015
torQ7u ntm just chekin how my old crew is doing 11.02.2015
torQ7u yep i was, and i am rethinking to come back here 11.02.2015
torQ7u u know ... driving around with dore tag competing in matches cups and stuff 11.02.2015
torQ7u soooo... whats my chances to be accepted back ? 11.02.2015
Toph Yo firestorm, can you pm me your replay for the ESL - LBJ map? gotta see what I'm doing wrong 01.06.2017
Toph another spammer 11.07.2017
Toph It's like a voice chat and text chat community where people can have their own private servers (for example, the dore server) 31.07.2017
Toph Hope you're enjoying it Amy! 08.08.2017
Toph Have fun draengler 10.08.2017
Toph Happy birthday! 18.08.2017
Toph great, another spam bot 12.09.2017
tombuilder Awesome work guys! I`m so excited 21.04.2013
tombuilder If you paid for it, it should be the same as on gamesplanet. 23.04.2013
tombuilder It`s in the internal forum. Maybe you don`t have the rights? 25.04.2013
tombuilder 0815killer? 29.04.2013
tombuilder Hey killer! Do you still have this car somewhere? 29.04.2013
tombuilder Oh no ); I wanted to ask you for that. This was a tm2 model,right? 29.04.2013
tombuilder or did you mean the image-link? there are accidently 2 spaces inbetween. remove them and it works 29.04.2013
tombuilder That`s too hot! I vote for 25, but i have just 13 ); 30.04.2013
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