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nuls but should work now! 22.04.2013
Mungos seams that chat aint working properly 22.04.2013
nuls i go crazy with the right-systems -.- 22.04.2013
Mungos wont post every message 22.04.2013
nuls mungi you can open topic now? 22.04.2013
Mungos yes i can 22.04.2013
Mungos done, opened topic so we spam there 22.04.2013
mxN- hooly. nice layout here 22.04.2013
Mungos more i navigate on site i notice its really great well done 22.04.2013
Inzhain I'm liking this new Home 23.04.2013
MAD. Will I be able to play TM2 solo if I don't buy it ? or solo will get blocked too ? 23.04.2013
matze its open beta .. download it and you will see what you get ... for now 23.04.2013
MAD. I know it's open beta, I'm playing it 23.04.2013
MAD. but beta will end in some time 23.04.2013
nuls yeah and then it cost 8,99 €, or you buy it with 2 friends or dore members, and you pay 7,50 €. I think thats good prize. 2 times no Mc Donalds! 23.04.2013
MAD. oh thats nice 23.04.2013
nuls i posted the link to shop in the forum 23.04.2013
MAD. great 23.04.2013
Daigle Is the Steam purchase a "pre-purchase"? So do I get the full version once it's post-beta? 23.04.2013
tombuilder If you paid for it, it should be the same as on gamesplanet. 23.04.2013
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