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Nickname Message Date
makaróni hi 29.12.2017
Aquila Hi Guys, I'm really glad to be here ! 29.12.2017
Chrissie check forum about WRC for time and date Elite and Fun 17.12.2017
Chrissie issue solved ^^ 14.12.2017
Vtec So that still the chat in game inactive .... I don't know really why ..... I say here hello hope it will not be 2 Versions of game in future .... Demo and full .... Cuu 14.12.2017
Chrissie SPAM Winter Cup 10.12.2017
Kiddo i am back in canyon guys. still wearing dore sign with pride 28.11.2017
Chrissie Thanks! 10.11.2017
Vtec yes happy Birthday 10.11.2017
nuls Happy Birthday Chrissie 09.11.2017
Chrissie ty Amy 29.10.2017
ameliesachs final mappack on train server 29.10.2017
ameliesachs semifinal mappack on train server gl 23.10.2017
Chrissie ty Amy 19.10.2017
ameliesachs on tran server map SRC-CameL_BumpS replaced with new version of map 17.10.2017
ameliesachs quarter-final mappack on train server 14.10.2017
draengler yo Amelie, yes please add me, ty 12.10.2017
ameliesachs draengler - now mercato in SRC, we can add you to fun team if you want , let me now please..... 09.10.2017
ameliesachs mappack 3 on train server 08.10.2017
tombuilder Welcome back drae! I hope you had nice holidays. 07.10.2017
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