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Nickname Message Date
tombuilder You`re welcome! Don`t hesitate to ask, if you need something else 02.05.2013
tombuilder I see you asked, now we need someone to help you! 02.05.2013
tombuilder Happy birthday Inz!!!! 04.05.2013
tombuilder Enjoy it nils! Greetings back! 04.05.2013
tombuilder Welcome to the family m@t! 05.05.2013
tombuilder Have fun here 16.05.2013
tombuilder Happy birthday Danneboy!!! 17.05.2013
tombuilder Nice to hear! 20.05.2013
tombuilder I thought the octopus has already chosen! So we know the result 24.05.2013
tombuilder Happy birthday m@t!!! 29.05.2013
tombuilder look my profile arba 06.06.2013
tombuilder And happy birthday mambooe!!! 06.06.2013
tombuilder Congrats daigle! Wish you much fun with and in it 12.06.2013
tombuilder WB Mad! I hope we see u more often now 20.06.2013
tombuilder Stadium is out!!! 20.06.2013
tombuilder GG Canyon squad!!! 23.06.2013
tombuilder Great daigle, i didn`t even know, something like this was running 23.06.2013
tombuilder Only on TMX, but we may ask RR, if we really need them. 24.06.2013
tombuilder So you stay maniak? If so, welcome to the family!!! 24.06.2013
tombuilder Happy birthday man!!! 26.06.2013
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