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matze daigle .. with the payment on steam you get the full version with no limitations for the stadium title after official release ..on steam you cant get the free version currently 23.04.2013
hec_ker not true matze, you can get the free version on steam by clicking "download demo" on the right side 23.04.2013
Daigle So basically I have TM2S now 23.04.2013
MAD. Nice 23.04.2013
Blade Nice new page! 23.04.2013
Mathieu hey all i'm m@t ig. I would like to know if recruitment is open ? 23.04.2013
Mungos Hey m@t yes its open and nice to see you here, just look at recruitment topic and make new one 23.04.2013
Mathieu hey mungos, ok great 23.04.2013
Inzhain Congrats Daigle Join the club! Might as well purchase, very little cost 24.04.2013
Ez-Rider hey mungos...check your e-mail...this old man figured it out...enjoy buddy 24.04.2013
Mungos Ez mate THX a lot for beers lol didnt expect it TY 24.04.2013
Ez-Rider glad i could help mate 24.04.2013
Mungos i hope tonight dortmund kick real ass 24.04.2013
MAD. Yep they killed real! 24.04.2013
Mungos will be priceless to see german final in england lol 24.04.2013
MAD. ye, so awesome 24.04.2013
Snaky Classy design! by the way guys, I'm finishing a dirt video and I'd like to put your skin. Is ti possible to have it? 25.04.2013
nuls snaky i gave you my skin! you want the common dore car skin? 25.04.2013
Snaky Indeed! But the link you gave to me is no longer valid :s And yes I'd like to put the common dore car ^^ 25.04.2013
matze For TM1 or TM2? 25.04.2013
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