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Nickname Message Date
tombuilder Happy Birthday Dash!!! 08.03.2017
Tinus Happy birthday Dash 08.03.2017
Chrissie Happy Birthday Dash!! 08.03.2017
ameliesachs Guys please can you fill Doodle for match with ATR? Thank you all. 08.03.2017
ameliesachs Happy birthday Dash! Yeah stats from train server works again 08.03.2017
nuls Happy Birthday Dash . Amie and me repaired the statitics especially for your birthday 08.03.2017
Chrissie Look at fun match please^^ 04.03.2017
draengler Happy Birthday Tinus 31.01.2017
ameliesachs Tom, do you think dore server? dore starts? In game all ok with servers and stats..problem is only here on page with displaying. 22.01.2017
tombuilder ok, ingame stats work and after 1 map my times are also counted 19.01.2017
tombuilder What`s up with the server? Many things don`t work and statistics too? 19.01.2017
Maniak Happy birthday tinuuusssss 18.01.2017
Tinus Thankssssssss 17.01.2017
Chrissie Happy birthday hon!! 17.01.2017
tombuilder Happy birthday tinuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!! 17.01.2017
Chrissie happy new year! 04.01.2017
nuls HNY 03.01.2017
no SkiLL but LucK happy new year folks =) 03.01.2017
tombuilder Happy new year to all doreitos!!! 02.01.2017
draengler Merry Christmas 26.12.2016
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