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Nickname Message Date
Firestorrm I just did. Happy training. (someone should update the serverinfo thread in internal) 30.09.2017
Vtec Greetings all ... can anybody send me PW of dirt train server please? thx a lot and nice weekend 30.09.2017
tombuilder SPAM Quali Starts today 15.09.2017
Toph great, another spam bot 12.09.2017
Chrissie fire, you want me to subscribe you? 11.09.2017
Tinus Welcome mate 05.09.2017
Chrissie Welcome Vtec 05.09.2017
Inzhain Thats awesome V! see you out there 31.08.2017
Vtec I am happy to get E-Mail and am proud to part of dore clan now .... looking forward to have nice matches and wins with you Greetings 30.08.2017
ameliesachs thanks guys 28.08.2017
Vtec Happy Birthday 20.08.2017
tombuilder Cheers Amy! I wish you all the best. 18.08.2017
Toph Happy birthday! 18.08.2017
Chrissie Happy Birthday Amy!!! 18.08.2017
Inzhain Yes! It's good to be back in the game! 17.08.2017
tombuilder Wow, welcome back Inz!!! Nice to cu back in the game. I hope all is going fine for you. 16.08.2017
Inzhain Hi all A face from the past here!! How are you all? If anyone remembers me!! 16.08.2017
hurri567 Sounds awesome! Have a nice time in Hamburg Amelie and in Madagaskar Draengler! And happy holidays to everyone else who has them! 10.08.2017
Toph Have fun draengler 10.08.2017
draengler Hi all, im on Madagaskar and at 25.09 back. 09.08.2017
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