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Inzhain Hi all A face from the past here!! How are you all? If anyone remembers me!! 16.08.2017
hurri567 Sounds awesome! Have a nice time in Hamburg Amelie and in Madagaskar Draengler! And happy holidays to everyone else who has them! 10.08.2017
Toph Have fun draengler 10.08.2017
draengler Hi all, im on Madagaskar and at 25.09 back. 09.08.2017
Toph Hope you're enjoying it Amy! 08.08.2017
tombuilder Have fun in Hamburg Amy! Happy holidays all! 05.08.2017
Tinus happy holidays 05.08.2017
ameliesachs Greetings from Hamburg dore's, happy holidays to all, enjoy the summer I'm still alive 02.08.2017
Toph It's like a voice chat and text chat community where people can have their own private servers (for example, the dore server) 31.07.2017
nuls 26.07.2017
Chrissie what is discord? 24.07.2017
Chrissie yes SPAMMER 14.07.2017
Toph another spammer 11.07.2017
Chrissie please delete liuchunkai 05.07.2017
revolS ala 12.06.2017
hec_ker did someone say discord? we've had one for some time: 01.06.2017
Firestorrm btw, do you have like a discord or something? I believe activity would be a bit higher as Discord is a bit more engaging than a forum. Also shitposting is easier 01.06.2017
Firestorrm Surely, I pm'd you 01.06.2017
Toph Yo firestorm, can you pm me your replay for the ESL - LBJ map? gotta see what I'm doing wrong 01.06.2017
Chrissie Nice holidays Draengler! 30.05.2017