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Nickname Message Date
hurri567 Merry christmas to everyone! 24.12.2016
Blade Merry Christmas at all, Joeuxe Nöel á tous 24.12.2016
tombuilder Merry Christmas to the whole dore family!!! Have a great time!!! 24.12.2016
Chrissie thanks guys 12.11.2016
Blade Oh, happy birthday subsequently Chrissie 12.11.2016
draengler Happy birthday Chrissie 12.11.2016
Chrissie Thank you!! 10.11.2016
MAD. HB! 09.11.2016
tombuilder Happy birthday Chrissie!!! 09.11.2016
Chrissie foenix is inforned, something went wrong last week writing to them :( 06.11.2016
Firestorrm If no agreement is reached due to various reasons (us not answering in this case), the match is to take place at standard time & day (today at 21:00). Nevertheless someone should inform Feonix. 06.11.2016
Maniak no idea 06.11.2016
tombuilder Chrissie didn`t answered yet on the emc forum!? 05.11.2016
senfti When do we play the EMC final tomorrow? 05.11.2016
Chrissie FUN 24 hrs team, please fill schedule 04.11.2016
Chrissie Many thanks Amy ^^ 26.10.2016
tombuilder Thx Amy! 26.10.2016
ameliesachs Maps for final are on train server. Selected 3 maps with the best karma from previously matches. GL for the final dores!!! 24.10.2016
Chrissie ty amy 11.10.2016
ameliesachs On train server updated map "Gettin' Jiggy...."with alternative finish. 11.10.2016
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