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I used to drive mostly dirt during 2009-2010, but refused driving it professionally in teams, even though some asked. Since that I've built a lot maps for league and tournaments in all TMU and TM2 environments and driven leagues on both games. Even though my team DFF has focus on stadium tech, I've driven a lot other styles and environments with them.

During 2009-2012 I was well known as a dirt mapper, but I haven't been that active in dirt since that. I will make some maps in the future too for sure, but it's not my main thing to focus.

My work can be found from...
TMNF Exchange
TMU Exchange

- 2.1.2014
Kinguin Sea Of Thieves - 160x600 Kinguin FIFA 18 160x600 Kinguin PES 18 160x600 Kinguin Battlefield 1 160x600 Best Games Are on Kinguin 160x600 Kinguin PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS - 160x600